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Studying the Bible from a Hebraic Viewpoint

How to Study the Bible

This booklet gives the background to the Bible and how to approach the study of it, the helps that are needed, and the reading plan within the Bible itself.


'Do you understand what you are reading?'

An introduction to the language of the Bible, what it says about itself, what Torah means, and how Paul's views have been misunderstood.


Study Guide to Reading the Bible

A booklet that covers the Reading Plan within the Bible itself & how it fits in with John's Gospel. It explains the differences between Hebrew & Greek thought, word association, idioms, wordplays, parallelisms & much more.


List of the Up-to-Date Triennial Torah Readings

These are the readings for the three and a half years going through the whole of the Torah (Pentateuch). John Barnett sends out a weekly online set of questions exploring and explaining these readings. Answers are sent out the following week with explanation & background where necessary.
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