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Abigail Trust works to promote the study of the Bible from a First Century perspective, to help believers understand how Jesus (Yeshua) and His disciples read, studied and understood it.

John Barnett has written many booklets covering topics such as the Biblical background to the Feasts, the Foundations of our Faith, how to study the Bible for ourselves, the Miracles & Parables, the Second Coming, and how God speaks to us through the heavens.   The aim is to broaden our understanding of the Scriptures, and to get to know God in a deeper way.

The booklets are suitable for either individuals or groups to study together.

New: Jesus the Coming One


Jesus (Yeshua) came to earth the first time two thousand years ago. Before His Resurrection, He prophesied that He would return. As two thirds of the Prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled to the letter, we can be confident the remaining Prophecies will also be fulfilled exactly as they are set out in the Bible. The challenge is to place the Prophecies in logical order. This study attempts to set out the order of events within the framework of God’s Calendar. This book follows on from the author’s first book, ‘Jesus the Messiah'.

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